Anderson’s Braided Belts – what you should know

One of our favourite brands, and especially favourite belts we carry at Mr. Derk is  Anderson’s Belts. Anderson will make holding your pants up way more enjoyable. Here’s what you need to know before you purchase one.

If you go here, a video walks you through the details of the average belt from anderson’s being constructed, each belt is handmade and all the leather and material is sourced from Europe. Each belt goes through one factory, through the same hands, and through the same rigorous quality tests.

Some of the best qualities are summed up like this:

  1. The stretch
  2. The consistent performance
  3. The presentation


The stretch in these braided belts isn’t something you realised you needed in a belt. This changes a lot, because depending on how long the leg of your pant is, how your feeling that day, or even just how much of your sock you want to show. The braid in the belt means two very convenient qualities

  • You can rest your pants anywhere along you waist, any rise of pant at the appropriate height with one belt
  • The comfort – you’ll never notice going up stairs or leaning down that there’s a restrictive waist-band constricting your movement. The belt moves with you.

The consistent performance is all any average person asks of a belt: hold my pants up, and keep them up. The braided material doesn’t relax throughout the day with heat or movement like leather, so the feeling is consistent, and never catches your attention.

The presentation of these belts will blow you away. If you’re worried that a braided belt is too casual keep this in mind: when your suit jacket is closed, the only part of the belt showing is the buckle and keeper, and both are made from stunning brass.


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