Tiger of Sweden – Not A Suit, But A Brand

Tiger of Sweden is one of our favourite brands at Mr. Derk, we have proudly bringing it to Edmonton for over 12 years. There are some details that will help decide not only if they are your favourite fit, but if their brand is something you can subscribe to.

Tiger Of Sweden is different from the rest of the suits we carry. They’ve grown to become a fashion brand, a lifestyle brand. Unlike other brands, Tiger has diversified over the last decade to the point that you could find them in your shoe closet, hat rack, and your underwear drawer.

When Tiger rebranded in the 90’s an eruption of people looking for their jeans showed them the denim market in Europe had room for them. So after developing a low waist skinny jean that was wildly successful, Tiger has continued to stay on trend, and on par with all international denim distributors. We have tons of their denim here at Mr.Derk.

Their shoes push the boundaries on a few styles like classic military boots, calf leather Chelsea’s, and all pink suede low-top sneakers.

Tiger of Sweden pocket squares and ties are somehow essentials, but also concepts you wouldn’t have thought of. Their Samuell tie collection is all solid small structured silk, and seems like it just belongs in your wardrobe.

The quality of their suits hasn’t changed since we started carrying their product. The narrow lapel can look cheap if not done correctly, but Tiger nails it every time by keeping proportions like the height of the jacket pockets, and the rise of the pant in perfect balance.

If you have a few Tiger’s in your closet, you’re already on your way to having a balanced, and sophisticated wardrobe, and maybe you’d take a peek at their other great lines of products, check it out at here

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