Stenström Shirts – The Last Shirts You’ll ever buy

From Mr. Derk

Mr. Derk is proud to carry Stenströms shirts. They’ve produced a level of quality that resonates with us and with our customers. Here’s some insight into a brand that will take over your shirt collection, even if you’re die-hard Eton.

Stenström’s have a lot of strong points that you’ll love about them, They accommodate longer armed gentleman. Their three fits appeal to just about every single guy, and there construction make them as durable as a good pair of jeans.

Stenströms aren’t chemically treated like other shirts, so there permanent press comes instead from the double ply cotton. This pays off in the long run, because after a few too many

dry cleans, treated shirts slowly lose their wrinkle free quality. With Stenströms, the double ply not only easily irons, it stays fresh longer.

Shirts with prints are usually quite thin, this is so the dye in the print absorbs easily and can be saturated for vibrant colors. But thin fabrics don’t hold up against even the gentlest of

washes and they lose colour even faster. Stenström is careful to use the most concentrated dyes that don’t just rest on the fabric, but actually fuzes into it. This means durable shirts

with vibrant colours even after a season of wears.

Now if you have any concerns about 100% cotton shirts. You should know how to maintain and treat them after a few wears. Mr.Derk will have videos covering all these needs,

so stay tuned.

If you’re not convinced in the natural competitor to even the

most esteemed shirtbrands, here’s some details from

Stenströms Themselves

The collar and collar band undergo 25 separate operations to achieve a soft,                                                                                         Vented cuffs with buttons and a special edging

comfortable fit. Pre-pressing and extra stitching prevent shape and finish                                                                                             for extra strength.

from being altered by repeated laundering and ironing. At each stage of production,

meticulous quality checks are performed, stitches measured and loose threads removed. 

Extra-soft interlinings in collar, cuffs and front placket.                                                                                                                              The sleeves are sewn on with single-needle stitching

                                                                                          whereby each seam has at least six stitches per cm.

                                                                        elegant and with excellent durability.

Most buttons are hand-made from the highest quality of mother-of- pearl.                                                                                           All buttonholes are sewn with 66 stitches. 82 cm

For added strength, the buttons are sewn on in two distinct operations and have                                                                                of thread is used for each buttonhole.

a wrapped neck.

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