It’s His Wedding, Too

It’s His Wedding, Too

“Just show up.”

There was a time when this was the extent of a groom’s responsibility, when the planners were all women; brides and mothers-of-the-bride whose simple advice to the groom was to be there on time, clean and sober. Watch a few black and white movies and you’ll see what I am talking about. Art, imitating life in the old days, drives the point home. Grooms were secondary to wedding planning or even to the wedding itself. It was all about the beautiful bride and though the groom always turned up handsomely, he was rarely involved in the decisions surrounding the event (except for choosing his equally disinterested groomsmen). Hopefully, your groom doesn’t consider that era of time as the “good ol’ days.”

Gone are the days when a man just showed up in an acceptable suit, to receive his bride and to say, “I do;” to dance a few jigs before whisking the bride off to the honeymoon.

Today’s grooms have every right to take an interest in their weddings; and they are. Brides are still doing the heavy lifting, but men are taking a greater interest. Mr. Derk is helping to turn the tide.

Grooms are receiving their beautiful brides with the style that befits the awesomeness of the occasion. Taking a page from the bride’s playbook, the groom chooses his attire with similar seriousness as the bride does her dress. They aren’t shying away from advice when it comes to the wedding dress code. Like their brides, who attend bridal and wedding shows, grooms book appointments with stylists and wedding consultants, who help them to fulfill the wedding expectations that are associated with a groom’s responsibilities.

 How a groom shows up to the wedding is as important to a modern man as it is to his bride (almost). Grooms today rock street style, so it’s no surprise that they can take it up a notch on wedding day. It’s his wedding too; so real men are getting real about their weddings and the women they’re marrying are glad!


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