In front of your friends and family, awaiting your bride – the woman with whom you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life – you stand. And wait. Impatiently, you strain for the first glance, the picture that will paint a thousand words for many years to come. Feeling naked and exposed, you become aware of the emotion welling up inside, that and the nervous twitch, which has suddenly appeared. Your friends and family study and evaluate your every movement. All eyes are on you. After all, you are the groom.

It matters what you wear on the most important day of your life. Contrary to popular belief, every eye isn’t on the bride on her wedding day. It’s the groom’s day too, and plenty of eyes will be cast in your direction. What you wear should be equal to the occasion, complementing your beloved bride in her exquisite beauty.

The wedding itself has set the standard. You must wear an outfit that expresses the depth of your love and commitment, realizing that every article that you choose is a part of the most important ensemble that you’ll ever wear. Every detail matters and the eyes that fall on you on this magical day will take note as to how you’ve prepared to meet your bride.

How are you filling out the clothes you’ve chosen? Do you exude the confidence of your decision in taking this bride? Clothes tell the tale.

Your love is timeless, as are the photos that will bring you back to this day in the years to come. You must feel good in the clothes you wear, love how you look, and know for sure that the bride is as taken with your choice in attire as you are with hers. The style, colour, fit and fabric of the wedding suit, right down to cufflinks, pocket square and shoes tell the groom’s story. The subtlety with which the colours and fabrics are reflected in the tailored suits of groomsmen communicate your care, and help to form a memory that will live on forever, even beyond tattered-edged wedding pictures touched by time.

Don’t leave these most important details to chance.

For seventy-five years, the experts at Mr. Derk have assisted hundreds of grooms in revealing their timeless love stories. A Groom Style Specialist will guide you through the design and selection of wedding attire that best communicates your love story. Regardless of budgetary constraints, you can, and should, look and feel your absolute best on the most important day of your life.

Before the bride’s most anticipated entrance, all eyes fall on you. You won’t disappoint.

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